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Riverwurst Comics #3 Back on the Shelves!

From my October “Panels & Pages” column*:

The year was 2003. George W. Bush was president and gave his infamous “Mission Accomplished” speech. The Return of the King swept the awards season like a gang of Hobbits on a rampage. And of course, The Bee Gees were the hottest band in America. (…whoops, maybe that was 1977.)

It was also the year I was deep into editing the local anthology Riverwurst Comics. I was recently going through my special archive room (ok, closet) and found a stack of Riverwurst Comics #3: the Halloween issue.  I’m glad to say that after nine years this Halloween treat will be available again for the month of  October at Fischberger’s Variety Store (2445 N. Holton Street). The issue still has the vintage 2003 price of three dollars. 


* Panels & Pages is a monthly column I write for the Riverwest Currents, a collection of blurbs on local comic and zine news and nerd culture in general. The column’s name comes from a gallery show of local comic art  I curated for the Borg Ward sometime in the late 2000s.