Monthly Archives: September 2013

Krulos, Carless

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Up until this year, I was pretty much okay with not having a car. In fact, I have never gotten my driver’s license, never owned a car.

Has this occasionally been a pain in the ass? Oh, sure. But you know what hasn’t been a pain in the ass? Parking tickets, permits, oil changes, flat tires, timing belts, Google maps, worrying about drivers who are texting instead of driving, talking geckos, and paying out the wazoo to Greedbag American Syndicate.

People always say, “oh but you can’t get around, Tea Krulos. You can’t go nowhere.”

Well, I’ve done okay. I’ve been to a fair few corners of the world– Coober Pedy, Panajachel, Drumnadrochit, Derry, Roswell, San Francisco, Saskatoon, Brooklyn, Tijuana, Beaver Dam, Denver, I could go on and on. This summer I went to Vermont and am hitting the road again later this month.

But here’s the problem– this year things have been different. I lost out on a job opportunity due to lack of car  and have felt the restrictions of transportation trying to get to smaller cities.

Is it time for me to start driving? Siiiiiiigh. I guess so.