Tea’s Weird Week Podcast

The companion podcast to my column, the Tea’s Weird Week podcast has a “Spill the Tea” segment that features interviews with my favorite unusual people, a Tea’s Weird Week News report with my co-host Heidi Erickson, a trivia question with Miss Information, and a wide variety of musical guests. Plus original music and sound engineering from Android 138.

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Episode Guide

Season 1

01: Q D’ETAT
02: The Orange Stain
03: Countdown to UFO Disclosure
04: Luchador Blue Demon Junior Runs for Mayor!
05: Ask a Yodeling Dominatrix
06: How a Dogged Reporter Sniffed Out an Alt-Right Furry Infiltration
07: Good Weird, Bad Weird
08: 5G Conspiracies
09: Doomsday Bunkers of the Rich and Famous (Revisited)
10: I Dare Ya
11: Lake Monster Edition
12: Conspiracy on the Suez Canal
13: Dungeons & Dragons & Milwaukee

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