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The companion podcast to my column, the Tea’s Weird Week podcast has a “Spill the Tea” segment that features interviews with my favorite unusual people, a Tea’s Weird Week News report with my co-host Heidi Erickson, a trivia question with Miss Information, and a wide variety of musical guests. Plus original music and sound engineering from Android 138.

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Episode Guide

Season 1

01: Q D’ETAT
02: The Orange Stain
03: Countdown to UFO Disclosure
04: Luchador Blue Demon Junior Runs for Mayor!
05: Ask a Yodeling Dominatrix
06: How a Dogged Reporter Sniffed Out an Alt-Right Furry Infiltration
07: Good Weird, Bad Weird
08: 5G Conspiracies
09: Doomsday Bunkers of the Rich and Famous (Revisited)
10: I Dare Ya
11: Lake Monster Edition
12: Conspiracy on the Suez Canal
13: Dungeons & Dragons & Milwaukee

Season 2

01: Hodag vs Snallygaster
We love local lore at Tea’s Weird Week. Many small towns across the country have some story about a monster that lurks in the woods, stalks a creepy country lane, or swims in the local pond. We talk with the proprietors of the Hodag Store in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, and the American Snallygaster Museum in Frederick County, Maryland about their homespun monsters.

02: The Marvelous Miss Fit
Tea catches up with Denise Masino aka Miss Fit, a Real-life Superhero he met while working on his book Heroes in the Night. Miss Fit tells us about her amazing charity fundraising and the making of The Adventures of Miss Fit documentary series.

03: Lost in the Schroeder Books Vortex
A journey through one of the strangest places in the Milwaukee area– a former store called Schroeder Used Books and Music.

04: Thanatochemistry
Heidi talks with death professional Kelly Teague about green funerals, thanatochemistry, and the Death Cafe.

05: Marilyn Monroe and the UFOs
Tea interviews Nick Redfern about his new book Diary of Secrets: UFO Conspiracies and the Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe.

06: Fathers of Conspiracy
A special post-Father’s Day story about how Rex Jones, son of conspiracy peddler Alex Jones, is following in his father’s footsteps as well as Gareth Icke (son of David Icke, creator of the “Reptilians” theory) and Donald Trump Jr. 

07: Live from the Midwest Haunters Convention
Tea, Heidi, and Andrew (aka Android138) spend the weekend at the Midwest Haunters Con, an event for haunted house biz professionals and fans.

08: Long Days, Weird Weeks of Travel
Tea meets up with Jenny Sanchez, a travel writer who seeks out unique and unusual places to visit, which she documents on her site, Long Days Travel. Tea and Jenny talked about strange destinations, bucket list, and travel tips.

09: Burn the Owl (Revisited)
Tea discusses the Bohemian Grove, a key part of his book American Madness. The Bohemian Grove is a secret retreat for the world’s most powerful men. They gather every summer for a Midsummer Encampment, which includes a strange ritual in front of an owl statue called the Cremation of Care. Tea demonstrates by having a table read of the ritual with podcast hosts/ authors Aaron FranzDave Baker, and Joseph L. Flatley. Plus, an audio clip from a 2015 interview with Richard McCaslin, a man who crashed the Bohemian Grove and is the main subject of American Madness.  

10. UFOs Over Long Lake, part 1
Tea talks to Jess Rogge, host of The Rogge Report, to help make sense of the Pentagon’s preliminary report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. Then hear Tea, Heidi, and Andrew’s interviews live at UFO Daze, a small town celebration in Dundee, Wisconsin that’s got beer, brats…and people who claim they are from Venus.

11. UFOs Over Long Lake, part 2
Tea talks to Mark Borchardt about his documentary, The Dundee Project, plus more interviews from UFO Daze at Benson’s Hideaway.

12. Get in the (Talias)Van
Tea talks to Joseph L. Flatley, author of the new book New Age Grifter: The True Story of Gabriel of Urantia and His Cosmic Family. The book takes a look at the Global Community Communications Alliance, a destructive cult in Arizona that creates off key music. Flatley interviewed several ex-cult members and even paid a visit to their compound for a church service

13. Ask Us Anything! (season finale)
Tea Krulos and Heidi Erickson answers questions submitted via social media– find out about frightening weird encounters we’ve had and our deepest secrets.

Season 3

1. What the Rougarou Do
Special guests Lyle Blackburn and Ghoultown.

2. A Panel of Witches
Heidi interviews special guests Lane Burns and Raechel Henderson, and a track by Puerto Wiccan.

3. Live from the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference
Our panel guests were lightworker and artist Goddess Adia, authors Hillarie Higgins (The Bank Doesn’t Care if Your House is Haunted) and J. Nathan Couch (Goatman: Flesh or Folklore?) and Donna Lea Wells Fink, organizer of this weekend’s Beast of Bray Road Conference. Plus a track from Sunspot.

4. A Weird October
Tea and Heidi talk up weird fall projects and a track from Sleepersound.

5. Denver Airport Conspiracy
Tea talks to Jenny Sanchez, plus a track from Jon Henry.

6. Hillarie and the Haunted House
Heidi talks to Hillarie Higgins and a song by Atheists & Airplanes.

7. Halloween Hangover

Tea talks about horror hosts, closing track by Rexxx.

8. Things are Getting Strange, Damn Strange in Dallas
The Dallas QAnon cult is discussed, closing track by our sound engineer Android138.

9. The Gavel
Conspiracy related court cases are discussed, plus a song from Creepy Little Things.

10. A Brady Street Pharmacy Fever Dream
Tea discusses his latest book, Brady Street Pharamacy: Stories & Sketches with his former co-workers Zach, Gwen, and Tracy. Plus a song by Brett Newski.

Special: Radio Krampus
DJ 10-foot Tall Krampus takes over the show for a Krampus music special.

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