Tea’s Weird Week Podcast

The companion podcast to my column, the Tea’s Weird Week podcast has a “Spill the Tea” segment that features interviews with my favorite unusual people, a Tea’s Weird Week News report with my co-host Heidi Erickson, a trivia question with Miss Information, and a wide variety of musical guests. Plus original music and sound engineering from Android 138.

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Episode Guide

Season 1

01: Q D’ETAT
02: The Orange Stain
03: Countdown to UFO Disclosure
04: Luchador Blue Demon Junior Runs for Mayor!
05: Ask a Yodeling Dominatrix
06: How a Dogged Reporter Sniffed Out an Alt-Right Furry Infiltration
07: Good Weird, Bad Weird
08: 5G Conspiracies
09: Doomsday Bunkers of the Rich and Famous (Revisited)
10: I Dare Ya
11: Lake Monster Edition
12: Conspiracy on the Suez Canal
13: Dungeons & Dragons & Milwaukee

Season 2

01: Hodag vs Snallygaster
02: The Marvelous Miss Fit
03: Lost in the Schroeder Books Vortex
04: Thanatochemistry
05: Marilyn Monroe and the UFOs
06: Fathers of Conspiracy
07: Live from the Midwest Haunters Convention
08: Long Days, Weird Weeks of Travel
09: Burn the Owl (Revisited)
10. UFOs Over Long Lake, part 1
11. UFOs Over Long Lake, part 2
12. Get in the (Talias)Van
13. Ask Us Anything! (season finale)
Special: The Roswell Debate
Special: Ghost Story Open Mic 2021

Season 3

1. What the Rougarou Do
2. A Panel of Witches
3. Live from the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference
4. A Weird October
5. Denver Airport Conspiracy
6. Hillarie and the Haunted House
7. Halloween Hangover
8. Things are Getting Strange, Damn Strange in Dallas
9. The Gavel
10. A Brady Street Pharmacy Fever Dream
Special: Radio Krampus

Season 4

  1. Serving Space Pancakes
  2. High on the Herzog
  3. Paranormal Real Estate Mogul
  4. Illuminati Super Bowl Party
  5. Famous Ghosts of Chicago
  6. Scenes from Chicago Paranormal Con
  7. Baba Roga
  8. Quest for the Weirdest Movies
  9. The World According to Gorb
  10. The Big French Fry Perfume Beaver Fever Tiger Nuggets Corpse DJ Oregon Trail Charles Darwin Diary Mystery Finale

Season 5

  1. Uh-Oh, is that AI Sentient?
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