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Some random but really cool pieces this month. The March issue of Fortean Times is the third I’ve contributed, too, and they did a fantastic job with a three page spread on Alexandra Holzer, daughter and protege of the famous “ghost hunter” Dr. Hans Holzer. I started a new short column for Forces of Geek, spotlighting a different cryptozoological mystery animal titled “Monster of the Month.” Last, I randomly ran into a story of my friend Emily and her daughter being two generations of Rocky Horror performers, which made for a nice “Off the Cuff” Q and A for the Shepherd Express. I have at least three articles lined up for April that I know of.


6. “The Ghost Hunter’s Daughter,” March 2015, Fortean Times.

7. Monster of the Month, “The Goatman,” March 11,

8. Off the Cuff, “Let’s do the Timewarp Again,” March 17, Shepherd Express.

Total 2015 word count: 9,041

Advance Praise for Monster Hunters!

Krulos_Monster_7(1)One thing publishers like to seek out is “endorsements” or “blurbs,” eye-catching short statements from people that might be familiar to the book’s intended audience. My book Monster Hunters got a couple of these from two interesting and cool guys, who took a moment from their busy schedules for me. Thanks!


“Everyone has their own idea of what a ghost or Bigfoot may look like, but what about those that dedicate themselves to the pursuit of these stories? Krulos strikes out in the dark, expertly shining a flashlight not on legends or creatures of folklore, but on the very human individuals who seek their own personal truths.” —Aaron Sagers, Travel Channel host, founder, Editor At Large


“Tea Krulos’s Monster Hunters is not your average ‘seen-it-all-before’ study of Sasquatch, aliens, and creepy critters. It’s an eye-opening, witty, and insightful look at the people who have dedicated their lives to solving some of the world’s biggest mysteries. In many ways, the characters Krulos crosses paths with are as unique and fascinating as the ‘things’ they seek!” —Nick Redfern, author of Monster Diary and Monster Files


Monster Hunters is available for pre-order on Amazon: LINK

Or, buy a copy in person at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference:
You can add it to your “to-read” list on Goodreads here:



Space Heater: I followed this All Messed Up band for a Feb. article for Milwaukee Record. Photo by Wendy Schreier.

Continuing on with keeping track of what I write this year. I had two published pieces in February. It was a short month and I was again keeping busy with things behind the scenes, like Milwaukee Paranormal Conference and promotion of my new book Monster Hunters.

The two things I did get out were great– one was my first piece for Milwaukee Record. Those guys are great and have a good thing going. It’s an entertaining site and I had been kind of waiting for a story to come along that would be appropriate for the site to pitch them. I got more than I bargained for exploring the story of All Messed Up. The other piece was a story for my own blog. I’m not counting recap/ promo things I write on this blog (or for Milwaukee Paranormal Conference or Ballyhoo’s blogs) as part as my official word count, but something like “Darling” definitely will count as a published work and not a promo blurb.

4.”Messed Up: The Short, Troubled History of Space Heater,” Feb. 10, Milwaukee Record.

5. “Darling,” Feb. 27,

Total 2015 word count: 6,257