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Space Heater: I followed this All Messed Up band for a Feb. article for Milwaukee Record. Photo by Wendy Schreier.

Continuing on with keeping track of what I write this year. I had two published pieces in February. It was a short month and I was again keeping busy with things behind the scenes, like Milwaukee Paranormal Conference and promotion of my new book Monster Hunters.

The two things I did get out were great– one was my first piece for Milwaukee Record. Those guys are great and have a good thing going. It’s an entertaining site and I had been kind of waiting for a story to come along that would be appropriate for the site to pitch them. I got more than I bargained for exploring the story of All Messed Up. The other piece was a story for my own blog. I’m not counting recap/ promo things I write on this blog (or for Milwaukee Paranormal Conference or Ballyhoo’s blogs) as part as my official word count, but something like “Darling” definitely will count as a published work and not a promo blurb.

4.”Messed Up: The Short, Troubled History of Space Heater,” Feb. 10, Milwaukee Record.

5. “Darling,” Feb. 27,

Total 2015 word count: 6,257