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I had three published pieces this month, one on Milwaukee singer Jeannine Rivers, another on the local comedy scene, and the Monster of the Month column. I got a couple more in the bag for next month already for Riverwest Currents, Milwaukee Record, and M, and there will maybe be one or two more.
9. “The Jazz Singer,” April 2015, M magazine. (page 86 )

10. “Ha ha ha! Milwaukee’s Underground Comedy Gets Last Laugh With Do-it-Yourself Approach,” April 9-15, Shepherd Express.

11. “Monster of the Month: Pepie, the Lake Monster of Lake Pepin,” April 10, Forces of Geek.

Total 2015 word count: 11,128

Monster Hunters, Second Review: Library Journal


Melvil Dewey is way into it.

The second review for Monster Hunters is from trade publication Library Journal, founded in 1876 by Melvil “I Invented the Dewey Decimal System” Dewey and has “the highest circulation of any librarianship journal,” according to Wikipedia. Thanks for the recommendation!

Library Journal—May 1, 2015

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to enter the world of ghost hunters, ufologists, cryptozoologists, and demon hunters, Krulos’s ( Heroes in the Night) new book provides an introduction to a number of the unusual and fascinating people who work in these fields. In almost every chapter, the author introduces someone in a unique field starting with Loren Coleman, who founded the International Cryptozoology Museum. Looking at these areas of expertise through the eyes of those devoted to them offers a different perspective to this narrative, allowing it to be more personal than others about these subjects. For instance, hearing that “Bigfooters often possess a seething hatred for one another” is both funny and telling. While Krulos writes with some humor, he also shows a keen interest into these various subjects and has a strong respect for those who are consistently searching for answers. VERDICT: This work is bound to be fascinating to those already interested in these fields and even to readers who are seeking an easy way to learn about people who work in these specialized areas. Recommended for public libraries.

I’m also glad to say that website Cult of Weird did a Q and A with me about Monster Hunters. Cult of Weird is a website specializing in news of the macabre, creepy, unusual, spooky, and just plain weird, so I fit right in. They are also one of the fine media sponsors of the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference.

You can find the interview here:


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Ripon College

Tea Ripon-1

That’s me telling Ripon College students about Mexico City’s social luchador activist Super Barrio. Photo by Wendy Schreier.

I was honored to be a guest speaker at Ripon College (in Ripon, WI), a small town college near Fon Du Lac, and the place where Harrison Ford first took an acting class. Professor Marc Eaton teaches a “Sociology of the Paranormal” class there, and decided to take a few days discussing Real Life Superheroes in addition to ghosts, UFOs, ESP, and cryptozoology.

The class was assigned to read some chapters of my book, Heroes in the Night, and last Friday they were paid a visit by The Watchman, a RLSH and star of some of the selected material they read. I drove up this morning with Wendy and ran through my RLSH slideshow, talked briefly on my upcoming book Monster Hunters and the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, and answered a few questions. No one fell asleep!


The Watchman with students of the “Sociology and the Paranormal” class.

Afterward, I joined Marc and three students for coffee at the campus Starbucks and talked more on the book and one of the class assignments, which was creating a superhero persona.

This is the second time (that I know of) that Heroes in the Night has been part of class curriculum. Madeline Smith teaches a module class titled “Vigilante Nation: Vigilantism and Violence in American History and Culture” through the University of Hull in Yorkshire, England. The class featured reading an interview Smith conducted with me, as well as reading from the book for a section of the class on RLSH.

I certainly hope this continues and that more classes take time to read the book. If any teachers or administrators are interested, feel free to contact me!

Heroes in the Night is still available

You can pre-order Monster Hunters here:


Monster Hunters, First Review: Booklist

Krulos_Monster_7(1)Booklist is a publication of book reviews produced by the American Library Association “and is widely viewed as offering the most reliable reviews to help libraries decide what to buy and to help library patrons and students decide what to read, view, or listen to,” according to their website.
Well then, thanks for giving this nice review of Monster Hunters!

Booklist—May 15, 2015
The most important thing you need to know about this book is that it doesn’t take a stance on the existence of UFOs, lake monsters, the chupacabra, ghosts, or Bigfoot. Proving or disproving that these phenomena exist or don’t isn’t his mission. His plan is simply to follow the investigators, or “monster hunters,” as he calls them, along with some skeptics, to see what makes them tick, to find out why they believe so passionately in what they are doing. Krulos introduces us to some pretty interesting people: the curator of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine; the founder of the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee; a noted skeptical investigator; and many others. The author treats his subjects with respect and courtesy (even when there are opportunities to ridicule or dismiss them); his approach seems to be not that these are wacky people with weird beliefs, but that these are ordinary people with beliefs most of us don’t understand—all of which adds up to an informative book for skeptics and believers alike.
David Pitt

Monster Hunters on
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