Heroes in the Night

Heroes in the Night_hires

Step aside Batman, here come citizen superheroes!

Tracing the author’s journey into the strange subculture of Real Life Superheroes (RLSHs), this book examines citizens who have adopted comicbook–style personas and have hit the streets to fight injustice in a variety of ways. Some RLSHs concentrate on humanitarian or activist missions—helping the homeless, gathering donations for food banks, or delivering toys to children—while others actively patrol their neighborhoods looking for crime to fight. By day, these modern Clark Kents work as dishwashers, pencil pushers, and executives in Fortune 500 companies, but by night—they become heroes for the people. Through historic research and extensive interviews, this work shares not only their shining, triumphant moments, but also some of their ill-advised, terrifying disasters as well.

Heroes in the Night: Inside the Real Life Superhero Movement is available now from Chicago Review Press!

**FINALIST, 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Current Events/Social Change category

** WINNER, Civic Hero Award for Literary and Journalistic Excellence, Superheroes Anonymous 4 Conference, 2010 (For the Heroes in the Night blog)

** Featured in articles in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, People magazine, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Sun, London Times, Fortean Times, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!’s website, io9.com, Seattle Weekly, msnbc.com, Wisconsin Life, and many other media outlets.

Check out the book’s blog here: www.heroesinthenight.blogspot.com 

You can order a copy of the book in paperback and several different e-book formats here: http://www.ipgbook.com/heroes-in-the-night-products-9781613747759.php?page_id=21 or ask for it at your local bookstore.

Contact: teakrulos@gmail.com


  2. howard a fitzner

    hello i am half way threw Apocaypse any day now .very intresting i am going to look up your other works thank you Howard

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