Language Barrier, Part 1

There’s some words and phrases I just can’t get on board with. One of them is “reaching out.” I hear that a lot now, from different people. “Thanks for reaching out” or “I’ll reach out to them.” It usually means sending an e-mail.

See, the problem is that I’ve seen too many action films where someone is hanging onto the side of a cliff by their fingernails and someone has to “reach out” and save them. A bit dramatic, isn’t it? Indiana Editor and the Temple of Media Requests.

The other word is “wordsmith.” Someone called me that the other day. We better  not get carried away, people. It’s not like we are banging out letters made of molten steel on a forge so we can fight the enemy with our Tolkien-inspired prose.

Or are we?


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Freelance writer from Milwaukee.

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