Everything I Wrote in 2022

Here’s a list of articles and TWW columns I wrote in 2022. I’ll be tracking what I wrote and all the books I’ve read in 2023.


  1. The Healing Power of Hula,” Milwaukee Magazine (print)
  2. The Secret: Milwaukee Has a Hidden Treasure,” American Ghost Walks newsletter
  3. Anime Milwaukee Returns, Feb. 11-13 at the Wisconsin Center,” Shepherd Express
  4. TWW: “Chosen One” to Cops: Take Me to Your Leader
  5. Arsonist Destroys Buses for Homeless Outreach, but the Community Steps in to Help,” Milwaukee Magazine (web)
  6. Hear Nineteen Thirteen’s New Single, ‘Cello and Drums Forever,'” Shepherd Express

  7. Fishy Business,” Milwaukee Magazine (print)
  8. TWW: High on the Herzog
  9. This Living Statue Stepped in for the Bronze Fonz,” Milwaukee Magazine (web)
  10. Milwaukee Poet Kavon Cortez-Jones Returns to ‘Club Noir,'” Milwaukee Magazine (web)
  11. TWW: Paranormal Real Estate Mogul
  12. Haunted Milwaukee- Tied House is Home to ‘The Lady of the Pub,'” American Ghost Walks newsletter
  13. TWW: Illuminati Super Bowl Party
  14. TWW: Famous Ghosts of Chicago

  15. Visibly Indigenous,” Milwaukee Magazine (print)
  16. Undercover Publication: Quirky 1981 Milwaukee history book is a rare gem,” Milwaukee Record
  17. How Lakefront Brewery’s Showing Support to Ukraine After Years of Selling Beer There,” Milwaukee Magazine (web)
  18. TWW: Hey, I Invented a Batman Villain Based on an Obscure Myth About Bingo
  19. TWW: Rollin’ with Baba Yaga
  20. TWW: Quest for the Weirdest Movies
  21. Inkgeeks Platform Connects Local Tattoo Community,” Shepherd Express

  22. Stopping the Slide,” Milwaukee Magazine (print)
  23. TWW: The World According to Gorb
  24. Zorro is Dead (Brady St. Pharmacy excerpt),” Nimbus Magazine
  25. TWW: Phantom Patriot Featured in New Primus “Conspiranoia” Video
  26. Rhinelander’s Hodag Store Robbed by…Carmen Sandiego?” American Ghost Walks newsletter
  27. TWW: There Are About 60 QAnon Candidates Running for Congress This Year
  28. TWW: Friday Happy Hour w/ Tea @ Lion’s Tooth
  29. TWW: Hello, I Must Be Going
  30. The Ghost of Al Capone,” American Ghost Walks Newsletter
  31. Ancient Aliens Lands at Pabst May 22,” Shepherd Express

  32. TWW: New Podcast “The Superhero Complex” Examines the Phoenix Jones Story
  33. TWW: A Tale of Two Chupacabras
  34. Oddities & Curiosities Expo Celebrates the Strange and Macabre May 28 at the Wisconsin Center,” Shepherd Express
  35. TWW: You are Geraldo Rivera, high on ecstasy, looking at a UFO in the Bahamas
  36. TWW: Jurassic Lark? Are Dinosaur Deniers for Real?

  37. The Last Fisherman of Washington Island,” Milwaukee Magazine (print)
  38. TWW: Who Said It– Phantom Patriot or Marjorie Taylor Greene?
  39. Top 5 Milwaukee Haunted Brunch Spots,” American Ghost Walks newsletter
  40. TWW: The TWW podcast is back on for Season 5!
  41. Sinisterhood Podcast Stops in Milwaukee to Talk about Pfister Ghosts,” Shepherd Express

  42. The Last Frame,” Milwaukee Magazine (print)
  43. TWW: Talking with Sinisterhood
  44. TWW: My Favorite Jann Goldberg Quotes
  45. 5 Takeaways From Our DNR Records Request on the Sturgeon Caviar Affair,” Milwaukee Magazine (web)
  46. TWW: Introducing Paranormal Road Trip
  47. TWW: Amberrose Hammond’s New Book Explores Mysterious Michigan

  48. From Middle Earth to Marquette,” Milwaukee Magazine (print)
  49. The Other Vet Mental Health Crisis,” Milwaukee Magazine (print)
  50. Attention Spies: Beware of SafeHouse Spooks,” American Ghost Walks newsletter
  51. TWW: Alex Jones in His Own Hell
  52. TWW: The Chessboxer, Part 1
  53. TWW: The Chessboxer, Part 2

  54. Tea’s Weird Hiatus
  55. Awkward Nerd Book Fair Taps Into Nostalgia for Inaugural Event,” Shepherd Express
  56. Wanna Buy a Famous Tugboat?” Milwaukee Magazine (web)
  57. Local and International Artists will be Inking at Milwaukee Tattoo Arts Festival,” Shepherd Express
  58. Sarah Kohlbeck Talks About ‘The S-Word,’ a Suicide Prevention Podcast,” Shepherd Express
  59. Horror Movie Recommendations from Ghost Hunters!” (contributor) American Ghost Walks Newsletter

  60. Fighting Fits,” Milwaukee Magazine (print)
  61. This Bay View Halloween House Has a ‘Beetlejuice’ Theme,” Milwaukee Magazine (web)
  62. TWW: The Story of Father Pellegrino Ernetti and his Time Travel Viewing “Chronovisor”
  63. Milwaukee Home Movie Day Archives and Celebrates Family History,” Shepherd Express
  64. TWW: Our Horror Host Doc, “I’m Your Host,” Won a Brico Forward Fund Award!

  65. Scoot Your Way to Election Day with ‘Lime to the Polls,” Shepherd Express
  66. Erna Meets Krampus…Again!” American Ghost Walks Newsletter

  67. Tea’s Weird Year: Here’s What I Did in 2022 (and 12 Things I Want Myself to Remember) (also reprinted in “Lucky New Year 2023” zine)

About teakrulos

Freelance writer from Milwaukee, I'm the author of non-fiction books Heroes in the Night, Monster Hunters, Apocalypse Any Day Now and forthcoming Wisconsin Legends & Lore and American Madness. I write a weekly column called "Tea's Weird Week" at teakrulos.com.

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