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Adios, A.V. Club


This week saw the last print edition of “America’s Finest News Source,” The Onion and the end of the local Milwaukee A.V. Club. I always enjoyed the A.V. Club. Although I didn’t contribute a prolific amount, I did pen three articles for them in 2011-2012. Matt Wild was the A.V. Club’s last editor and did an excellent job.

Here’s links to my small contribution to a large legacy…

From 2011, “5 Incredible Moments in Globetrotter History”,66497/

From 2012, “Rock You Like an Octogenarian: 5 Musicians Over 75 That Are Still Hitting the Road”,70763/

And last, also from 2012, “Tasty Disaster: Milwaukee Recreates the Last Meal of the Titanic”,72297/

Also, in October of 2013, A.V. Club featured an interview with me about my book, Heroes in the Night. It was written up by A.V. Club contributor Thomas Michalski and you can read it here:,83907/