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Tea’s Weird Week Trivia: Round 3

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The third round of Tea’s Weird Week Trivia happened this last Saturday. Congrats to Tom and Andrew who each won a round and Jessica who won two.

I’ll be back this Saturday, April 18 with four more rounds– Andrew won the chance to pick a trivia topic and he chose “Hollywood urban legends” and other categories include Philip K. Dick, Zombies, and “Puppets that ain’t for kids.” Prizes will include books (authored by myself and others) and other weird swag. Tune in this Saturday, 5pm (central), on my Facebook page: 

Here’s the questions from last week if you didn’t get a chance to play. You can get a feel for the trivia and host your own trivia session with your roommate.  Answer key is way at the bottom of the post. For this week, I am encouraging that trivia players to check out Lion’s Tooth, who have a great book/zine/comic subscription and are doing an Indiegogo for a brick and mortar store here:

Warm-up: Conspiracies in the News

Which of the following conspiracy news happened in the last two weeks?

A. A man derailed a train in LA trying to hit a hospital ship he believed was part of a conspiracy.

B. People believing 5G internet causes coronavirus destroyed at least 20 5G towers around the UK.

C. QAnon followers began talking about a theory that coronavirus is a cover up to rescue “mole children” living in tunnels under Central Park.

D. All of the above dammit. 

Paranormal Reality TV Personalities

  1. This show host often searches for paranormal or cryptozoology topics. He came to Milwaukee to search for a treasure hidden in Lake Park. He ditched the search after a thunderstorm rolled in. He also searched for a similar treasure in Florida and helped a family find one in New Jersey. Points for name of host and show.  
  2. The daughter of this pioneering ghost hunter has a show that premiered in October that reopens her father’s case files. A point for the name of the father and the show.
  3. Ghost Hunters had three official spin offs, a point for each one.

  4. This new show explores a notoriously weird and frightening ranch in Utah. What’s the name of the ranch?

  5. The very first episode of Ghost Adventures took Zak Bagans and company to which location?
    A. Transallegheny Lunatic Asylum
    B. Bobby Mackey’s Music World
    C. Winchester Mystery House
    D. Ohio State Reformatory

Art Heists

  1. At the end of March, a Dutch museum closed because of coronavirus was broken into. A painting titled “The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring 1884” was stolen. Which Dutch painter was the artist?
  2. In 2014 Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Frank Almond left a performance when he was tazed and his 300 year old instrument was stolen. Bonus point if you guess anywhere of the price range of how much it’s worth.
  3. The largest art heist of all time took place in 1990. The two watchmen were duct-taped to chairs as thieves stole 13 works of art including ones by Rembrandt, Degas, and Manet. The case remains unsolved. Which city did it happen in? 
    A. Paris
    B. New York
    C. Boston
    D.  Vienna

  4. In 1994 thieves stole a painting in 50 seconds from a museum in Oslo, Norway. The 1893 painting is considered to be the most famous piece of art created by a Norwegian. Another version of the painting was stolen in 2004. A point for the artist and painting name.
  5. The Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911 from the Louvre by an Italian man who kept it hidden in his apartment for 2 years. What did he say his motivation was:
    A. He said the Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile made him believe that they were soul mates.
    B. He believed the painting depicted his mother in a past life.
    C. He believed it was his patriotic duty to return the painting to Italy.
    D. He wanted to sell it to the Pope

Music Urban Legends

1.) This new theory suggests that Jimi Hendrix didn’t die but changed identities and careers and became which actor?

2.) This classic story says that which blues singer got his guitar playing abilities by selling his soul to the devil at the crossroads?

3.) Paul is Dead is the theory that Paul McCartney died in a car crash and was replaced by a lookalike. Theorists say clues can be found on the front and back cover of which album? Bonus point for what year it came out. 

4.) This singer that likes to party is accused of being a franchise of look alikes that perform different shows. Andrew WK

5.) This urban legend says that Marilyn Manson was a child actor on which show?

Dystopian Novel or White House Pandemic Press Conference?
This round sponsored by the Apocalypse Blog Book Club

Identify if this quote is from a novel (and a bonus point if you name the novel) or from Trump at a coronavirus press conference.

1.) “My mother once told me that no woman is naked when she comes equipped with a bad mood and a steady glare.” 

2.) “Stay inside and let’s win this and let’s get our country as soon as we can. I think it’s going to be sooner than people think. Things are going really well.”

3.) “Better never means better for always means worse for some.”

4.) “That’s all anybody can do right now. Live. Hold out. Survive. I don’t know whether good times are coming back again. But I know that won’t matter if we don’t survive these times.”

5.) “There will be a lot of death, unfortunately, but a lot less death than if this wasn’t done. But there will be death.


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Having just returned from the grocery store during an official pandemic, I’m reminded to highly recommend Apocalypse Any Day Now, from Tea Krulos, who went way down the doomsday prepper rabbit hole. Fun and unfortunately highly relevant. Do it.” — Brent Gohde, Cedar Block/ Science Strikes Back

Answer Key

Warm up: D. All of the above dammit. Paranormal Personalities: 1. Josh Gates/ Expedition Unknown 2. Hans Holzer/ The Holzer Files 3. Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Hunters Academy, UFO Hunters. 4. Skinwalker Ranch 5. B. Bobby Mackey’s Music World
Art Heists: 1. Vincent Van Gogh 2. Stradivarius violin valued at 5 to 6 million dollars 3. C. Boston 4. Edvard Munch, The Scream 5. C. He believed it was his patriotic duty to return the painting to Italy.
Urban Legends: 1. Morgan Freeman 2. Robert Johnson 3. Abbey Road, 1969 4. Andrew WK 5. The Wonder Years.
Dystopian Novel or White House Pandemic Press Conference? 1. Feed, Mira Grant 2. Trump 3. The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood 4. Parable of the Sower, Octavia Butler 5. Trump.